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Atlantis Music Australia We specialize in new and collectable vinyl, hard to find CD titles, imports, jazz, alternative and current Top 40. A huge array of new & preloved vinyl.
Butter Beats Record Stores Australia The home of hard to find records & CDs, guaranteed fresh!
Pacific Records Australia Pacific Records is an independent registered business founded in 2001. We specialise in vinyl records both second hand & new releases sourced directly in the US, UK, Japan, Europe and Australia.
Rockaway Records Australia Rockaway Records is an independent music store based in Brisbane, Australia. Rockaway Records is an iconic store that has been buying and selling records, CDs and memorabilia for over 20 years.
Thornbury Records Australia Thornbury Records stocks Australian and imported vinyl, local and independent CDs, merch, zines, turntables, vinyl accessories and hand-made vinyl products.
Dr. Dub Austria vinyl recording service - masters and dubplates
Vinyl Corner Austria store with new and second hand records
Vinyltom the Record King Austria webshop for rare second hand LPs from long time collecor, worldwide mailorder
Coffee & Vinyl Belgium Coffee shop, record store and art gallery.
Technology Factory Belgium All the offered products are on stock and we usually ship the ordered product within maximum 48 hours.
American Sound of Canada Inc. Canada store with new records, re-issues, 180 grams, 200grams and some used, but limited
Blackbyrd Myoozik Canada new and used lp's, re-issues, imports, special orders, mail-order
Milkcrate Records Inc Canada We are real, live bricks & mortar record store specializing in new vinyl, both in stock and special order.
Peel Audio Canada At Peel we are in the business of providing products and services that enhance and enrich the lives of our clients.
Red Cat Records Canada Red Cat Records is an indie neighbourhood record store in Vancouver, voted one of the top ten indie stores in Canada by our customers.
Ric's Recollections Canada You will find a large variety of lps to suit most tastes. We have 1000’s of titles in stock in almost every category.
Robot Records Canada Canada Providing great music from all around the world to music lovers everywhere.
Soundstage Fine Audio Canada new audiophile vinyl
The Turntable Canada At The Turntable we buy, sell and trade new and used CDs, cassettes and vinyl records. Whether you’re looking for a classic rock record or the latest chart-topping pop CDs, The Turntable has exactly what you’re looking for.
SORT KAFFE & VINYL Denmark coffee and new records
ArtPhönix Vinyl Germany Mailorder and Vinylshop in Nuremberg.
Da Capo Germany webshop / mailorder for new records
Jazz Dreams Germany One of the biggest stores for classic Jazz vinyls.
jpc Germany mailorder for new records
recordsale Germany New in store and immediately deliverable.
Vinyl Only Germany record store in Heidelberg for rare vinyl, no mailorder
Bowel of Noise records Greece We sell CDs, Vinyls, Merchandise.
Vinyl Vinyl Netherlands mailorder and store in Den Haag with new records
Just For The Record New Zealand Just For The Record Store is the place to be for hard-to-find New Zealand records and many other vinyl rarities.
Penny Lane Records New Zealand Christchurch's longest established trading centre for New and Used Records, CDs, DVDs, Videos and Video Games and one of the LARGEST OF ITS KIND IN NEW ZEALAND.
Real Groovy New Zealand mailorder and stores with new and second hand vinyl
Robot Norway - Bergen New vinyl, record players, books & designer t-shirts.
Apollon Norway - Bergen New vinyl, record players & artist merchandise.
Big Dipper Norway - Trondheim Record players, new & used vinyl. Audiophile section.
Big Dipper Norway - Oslo Record players, new & used vinyl. Audiophile section.
Kaffe & Vinyl Norway - Tromso Coffee, new vinyl & record players. Portugal webshop for new vinyl
Vinylworld Slovakia vinyl community and shop for classical music, jazz and rock
Vinylbutiken Sweden new audiophile vinyl
Hammersounds Switzerlands LP, CD and Hi-FI Occasionen. UK webshop / mailorder for new rare vinyl
Action Records UK mailorder for new and second hand records
Diverse Vinyl UK mailorder for new records, music from all categories
Monorail UK record store in Glasgow with indie, rock, dance and some secondhand
Scott Nangle Audio UK new audiophile records and record player
Stamford Audio UK audiophile, new and second hand records
Acoustic Sounds USA large selection of audiophile recordings
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