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Dear Customer,

Pro-Ject audio products are available in close to 80 countries worldwide.
Several thousands of dealer carry Pro-Ject products, or from our best dealer (Reference Partner - see Dealer).
You can contact our local distributor (see Chapter Distributors).
They will assist you to find the right dealer for you.
Please ONLY buy only at dealers who carry our PARTNER LOGO.

Dealer classification, terms and conditions

Authorised Pro-Ject
Phono Partner
Authorised Pro-Ject
TOP Phono Partner
Authorised Pro-Ject
REFERENCE Phono Partner
Always on demo,
2 turntables
(from Debut or Essential series)

2 different Phono Box preamp modules

(Brush-it & Clean-it)
3 turntables
(from Debut/Essential, RPM and Classic series)

3 different Phono Box preamp modules

1 Speed Box

1 Adjustment Kit Basic

(Brush-it, Clean-it, Strobe-it, Test-Record, Connectit)

Pro-Ject Vinyl:
at least 3 different
4 turntables
(from Debut/Essential, RPM and Classic series)

1 Reference turntable
(1 of High-end models: Perspex, RPM9.2, RPM 10.1, Xtension)

3 different Phono Box preamp modules
(at least 1 Tube Box)

2 Speed BoxeS (S & DS)

1 Adjustment Kit Professional

(Brush-It; Clean-it, Strobeit, Test-Record, Align-it, Measure-it, Pick-it)

Pro-Ject Vinyl:
at least 1 piece of every title available
Training of personnel
and certification
Basic knowledge (electrical & mechanical); Adjustment of tracking force, Azimuth, VTA, level and correct of a turntable Same as Phono Dealer, but additional knowledge about difference between types of turntables, tonearms and cartridges, mounting of cartridges Same as TOP Phono Dealer, with additional turntable expert training including fitting of tonearms und Highend cartridges; adjustment of tonearm bearings, professional service of new and old turntables

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