Pro-Ject 2Xperience Basic+ PIANO  

Limited edition with MC-Cartridge Pro-Ject Pick-it MC-1H  


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Pro-Ject 2Xperience Basic+ ACRYL  

Limited edition with Ortofon MC25e  


Belt drive turntable with single pivot tonearm  

33/45 rpm with manual speed change  

MDF platter with felt mat  

Stand-alone motor base  

Audiophile grade tonearm cable included  

Piano black version with Pro-Ject MC-1H  


The unbelievable success and sound quality of the new Essential tonearm gave us the idea to make a turntable using the same tonearm but better motor assembly and better chassis construction. So we took the main platter and bearing construction of 2Xperience with slightly less heavy chassis and a simpler platter (MDF only, without vinyl layer).  

The motor is a stand-alone type, so there is a perfect isolation between the main chassis and motor.  

To make this package really a high end bargain, we include the audiophile grade Connect it Phono RCA C 1,23m (about 80) and a superlative MC cartridge option: Pro-Ject Pick-it MC-1H (about 180):  




Stereoplay 03/2011  

HI-FI WORLD 05/2011: Super value for money package that offers a tidy and musically satisfying performance  


Pro-Ject 2-Xperience Basic+ Piano with Pro-Ject Pick-it MC-1H  

SRP: 699,00  


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