Pro-Ject Design Box Acryl 4 / 4 iP  

Stylish frame system for components from Pro-Ject Box Design range  


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• New Clicking System **  

• PET clips position and secure components  

• High gloss finish  

• Classy - suits all living room styles and furniture  



Design Box Acryl 4: € 79,00  

Design Box Acryl 4 iP: € 85,00  


Pro-Ject Design Box Acryl 2 / 2 iP






Design Box Acryl 2: € 69,00  

Design Box Acryl 2 iP: € 75,00  


** NEW! Clicking System of Design Box Acryl  

Clicking System positions and fixes your Box Design Hifi components with constant side and top distance  


>>> How to use:  

1. Connect cables and push components from back into Design Box Acryl.  

2. Push units further along guide rail to front.  

3. When you hear “Klick” , PET clips hold and secure components. READY!  


Complete system example:  







recommended Accessoires:  


Power Box S 4-way

Power Box S 6-way


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