VC-S 7" Kit  

Complete add-on kit for 7” records  


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• Optimized cleaning efficiency for 7” records  

• 2 different versions* suitable for alu & synthetic flange assembly versions of VC-S  

• Consists of:  

- Vacuum arm for 7” records including short adhesive velvet strips  

- Clamp for 7” records (standard clamp will not fit)  

- Wash it vinyl cleaning concentrate (100ml bottle).  




VC-S add-on kit especially for 7” records  


This long-awaited add-on for cleaning 7” records on VC-S will help to recondition your valuable vinyls. Whereas the standard record clamp and vacuum arm are perfect for 12 inches, this 7” kit fulfills your needs for 7” singles. A dedicated clamp and a vacuum arm that gives full vacuum power is included as well as a spare bottle of 100ml Wash it cleaning concentrate.  


SRP: € 119,00  





VC-S accessory  

Wash it  


With our "VC-S" you will be able to listen to your records after a few seconds and experience a completely new level of sound!  



Productvideo of the VC-S:  






Hifi Pig (UK) 07/2016: "...If you collect a lot of vinyl or have a large collection already this is a no brainer..."  

Hifi Choice (UK) 05/2016: "...Pro-Ject's VC-S is certainly one of the best."  

Sempre Audio (AUT) 03/2016: "To make it short, the Pro-Ject vinyl cleaner VC-S was not just brave, but nearly heroic."  

Vinyl Fan (DE) 02/2016: "I daresay this new vinylcleaner from Pro-Ject has a very good initial situation to be a hit in the market."  




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